1 year. Happy Forever Day.

1 year. It’s been a year since we walked out of those orphanage gates forever. A year of bonding, trusting and loving. A year of magic and adventure, watching you experience the world for the first time. A year of growth, physically and emotionally. You’ve learnt a new language and how to communicate, to eat and drink, how to play and dance, to sit up, scoot and what legs are for. You’ve learnt to laugh and to cry. You know what a mama is and love me fiercely. You are strong, resilient and brave with a caring heart and big sense of humor. Every day you teach the world about love and joy, and that we are capable of overcoming hard things. Old fashioned ideas and labels don’t define you, you are able and you are worthy. You are a light to this world Emmy Magdalena. I am blessed you are mine. Happy forever day baby girl ❤️



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