Why Down Syndrome Adoption

I am often asked how I knew adoption was right for me/ how I knew god was calling me to adoption. How I decided on special needs adoption. Here is the long version of my answer!

I was raised knowing that there were children in this world in need of loving families. My parents fostered and I had the privilege of watching children my family cared for be adopted. Even at a young age I knew adoption would be a part of my life. I grew up in an adaptive household, my dad has ushers syndrome and is blind and deaf. Having a heart for people who are differently abled, I was blessed to volunteer at a day program for adults with special needs. I developed amazing friendships with a few adults with down syndrome, who left a lasting impression on my heart. Looking back God was laying the foundations of my adoption story.

I started believing one day I would have a child with down syndrome, knowing I could not guarantee that biologically I started researching adoption. That is when I learned that in many countries children with special needs are placed in orphanages and mental institutions. God laid the needs of these children heavy on my heart. When Gods timing for me to adopt came he relentlessly pursued my heart. I started falling in love with profiles of waiting children with down syndrome from Eastern Europe but I had a million excuses as to why now was not the right time to adopt. After months of praying God audibly told me my excuses did not matter and now was the time to adopt. I knew adoption would be hard, expensive and the process seemed overwhelming but I knew God is never wrong. I did not have my whole life together, I was in a new career, single, young, minimal savings. On paper adoption in my life right then did not make sense but in my heart it did; with full faith in God everything came together. Nineteen months after God telling me “Now” I became the mother of the most beautiful and perfect 16 month old girl with down syndrome from Bulgaria. She is the greatest blessing, I am thankful everyday I followed Gods calling and said yes.